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Poetic License to Kill.

I'm an American who recently moved from London to Amsterdam.

In real life, I'm known as 'Curtis "Ovid" Poe'. I'm an American who's moved to the UK. Amongst other things, I sit on the Perl Foundation Steering Committee and their Grant Committee. I also managed to get my name the cover of a book that I love but it would probably bore you to death. I also have a few technical and political articles scattered about the Web and one magazine, but I'm too lazy to link 'em.

If you're looking for the identity theft story, click here.

And because I'm an American who got a job in the UK, people keep asking me how to get a job in the UK.

The real reason you are not safe.

Note: For various reasons, I screen anonymous comments. Screened comments which disagree with what I or someone else writes in this journal are usually approved if they're polite. I'll delete them if they're not. I don't mind someone disagreeing; I do mind someone being a jerk.

Arguing about programming languages? Read this first.

And don't forget about

And miscellaneous factoids:

I have been homeless in Hawaii.
I used to live in Amsterdam.
I have been arrested for preparing for a chess tournament (I came in second place).
I was astonished to learn that that I had a brother and it took me four years to track him down (he lives in the UK).
I met my father for the first time about two years ago.
I once found myself clinging to a large sign running down the front of a building and I prayed that the police officer below me wouldn't look up (he didn't).
Everyone agrees that my 20th birthday story is the wildest one they've ever heard.
I have other stories I will not discuss on a public forum. Come to Nottingham and get me drunk :)

Note: Feel free to add me, but drop a note as to why. I'll probably add you back if you're not a troll.

Also, the displayed email address will likely change from time to time to keep it away from spammers. If you send me email and it bounces, check back for a new address or post in my journal.

So does all of that sound a bit narcissistic? Probably. Just look at my pretentious user pic. Too bad; it's a blog.