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What to do when you're sick

If I had my druthers, I'd be out and about as cabin fever is rapidly setting in, but even walking across the apartment takes a lot of energy out of me. Of course, I can't have anyone over, either, lest they get ill.

I also spent a bit of time on the phone with my brother. After knowing about him for only a few years, it still sounds a bit weird to say "my brother" and it's even weirder to know that he's one of the family members that I am closest to, despite his living in London. For some reason, it seems like we can chat for hours without a problem. I can't do that with most and considering that I didn't even know he existed when I was growing up, it seems a bit strange how well we click. Ah well. Thank goodness for small favors, eh?

When I was laid up from surgery, I revamped my entire Web site. This weekend, being quite sick and unable to go anywhere, I dusted off my hard drive, pulled out one of the lessons I had been meaning to finish for my CGI course, polished it and uploaded the darned thing. It didn't take much time, but with my new Web maintenance software, it's a snap to do quick updates. Yay for being a geek :)
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