Hard at work

What to do when you're sick

If I had my druthers, I'd be out and about as cabin fever is rapidly setting in, but even walking across the apartment takes a lot of energy out of me. Of course, I can't have anyone over, either, lest they get ill.

I also spent a bit of time on the phone with my brother. After knowing about him for only a few years, it still sounds a bit weird to say "my brother" and it's even weirder to know that he's one of the family members that I am closest to, despite his living in London. For some reason, it seems like we can chat for hours without a problem. I can't do that with most and considering that I didn't even know he existed when I was growing up, it seems a bit strange how well we click. Ah well. Thank goodness for small favors, eh?

When I was laid up from surgery, I revamped my entire Web site. This weekend, being quite sick and unable to go anywhere, I dusted off my hard drive, pulled out one of the lessons I had been meaning to finish for my CGI course, polished it and uploaded the darned thing. It didn't take much time, but with my new Web maintenance software, it's a snap to do quick updates. Yay for being a geek :)
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Something I love about you...
You say "lest" in everyday conversation.

Feel better, honey.
Feel Better Soon
Movies, baths, and books. In that order.
I think I might have gotten a cold from one of you Portland people.

Nobody I know here in Boston has one. Except me. Now.


Brothers (siblings, I suppose, but I've no sisters, so I'll just leave it at that) are wonderful things. Mine drive me nuts and I don't always know what to say to or do with them, but my life would be missing a huge and important element without them. I just can't imagine.

Then, there's my brother putting my 18 month-old nephew on the phone with me. Oy.

Now, of course, I'm trying to imagine my brothers with Brit accents.

I don'think so...

Feel better, dude.

Oh, and I'll second tmonsta's suggestions, though not necessarily the order.
I'm a huge fan of the bath. Hot as you can stand. With a cup or two of epsom
salts (and maybe nice smelling stuff in addition, if you're into that sort of thing)
Hell, combine the book and bath - I get more reading done in the tub than I
should admit.

Now, if I could watch movies from the tub...
how about a notebook computer playing a DVD?

don't get it wet!

probably best to stick with books. cheap paperbacks which won't upset you if they get soggy
Your copyright footer of "Copyright 1999 - 2004" is out of date! ;)

Also, you mention your "new Web maintenance software" - is that some sort of hand-rolled something that you've created or something else entirely?
Actually, I built the software based upon the work in Chapter 11 of the Template Toolkit book. You'll notice that my site looks rather similar to this site, which is using the same stuff to create a simple site maintenance tool. However, their download link is broken. You can actually find the software at the CPAN, though I am not sure how user-friendly it is for those who do not know Perl.

And I fixed the copyright. Thanks :)
When I am sick I like to work on puzzles...or e-mail an old friend that disappeared off the planet for a few months. Send me an e-mail sometime soon. I do not have your e-mail address anymore. PamGienger3 at hotmail dot com
That is why god invented playstation and password hackers free porn searches.