Hard at work

Happy New Year!

From glitterophelia: I got 8 out of 11 right (I was lucky, I think.)

No resolutions here. I'll just break them anyway. I must say that I'm relieved the holidays are finally over. Lots of stress, lots of money spent and and lots of socializing. It's exhausting. In fact, it's exhausting enough that I'm still in my bathrobe, relaxing. Of course, my version of relaxing involves building a predicate logic engine, but that's because I'm weird (and I must say that having hobbies no one understands can be a bit of a let-down.)

And, oddly enough, I've applied for Google Adsense for my CGI Course. I don't get enough traffic that I expect much revenue from this, but it would be nice to earn a bit of money for something I've spent so much time on. I've no idea whether or not my application will be accepted, though. Google doesn't take everyone.
Hi there. I tried to call but I realized I didn't have your phone number :/ I would swear I had it programmed into my phone.
I was home but I was doing some research. I didn't see this message. I'll probably be home tonight, but not before 7:30 or 8:00.
Hah - 9 out of 11 for me!

I've been lazing about all day too. In fact, I've only _just_ managed to actually get myself showered, but that actually left me less dressed than before. Until then, I was in my robe. Now it's just a towel. I think I'm moving in the wrong direction here...
Does Adsense cost anything or involve an investment? Gee, that looks fun. Now if only I still had a website. Maybe this is an excuse to hmmm.
It's free. However, you have to have a site to put it on and Google has to approve it. I've not heard back from Google, but since I put in my request on New Year's Eve, I'm not surprised.
Hmm, now all I need is to make a meaningful website. The only interesting things on my college website were pictures of me kissing gargoyles.
10 out of 11. The Spainish one tripped me up.

Totally guessed on the Polish one, though. The only other one I thought I might get wrong was the English one, that's just because all of the choices were so believable.

Happy New Year, btw. I know what you mean by the exhausting, though. We didn't even travel anywhere, and kept the socialization to a minimum. But, still exhausted.
i'm an ugly American: 6/11. The music is immensely soothing, though, as well as toe-tapping.
I put in my adsense request and was denied because I'm a blog. My friend submitted his blog (which has a lower pagerank and hasn't been around for very long at all) and he was accepted. I don't get who handles it, but I might resubmit just for the heck of it.
I just got my AdSense request approved, but since it's primarily for an online CGI course, it wasn't a problem.

Quite a few people have complained about the apparently arbitrary nature of Google's approval process, so you're definitely not the first to be confused.
Well, first time I applied for Adsense for my blog they didn't take me in. They have also sent me a separate email saying that I used Google logo without their approval in the post that said how good Google was and how I liked it (it was a hint for my mom).

I removed their logo from the post and resubmitted my request. They approved.
I've never quite figured out what they do and do not approve. I've heard of people getting turned down for some awfully strange reasons, but others get accepted despite the fact that their site is obviously there just for generating ad revenue.