Roommate or Not?

Well, it looked like the roommate I had lined up has backed out. She just got back from Europe and doesn't have a job yet. It's a shame because she and I have been roommates in the past and we got along great. Contrast that with my last roommate who was intelligent, a great cook, and so negative that some of my friends started avoiding me so they wouldn't have to put up with her. Oh, and then there was the time I had a roommate call me up and asked me to cover for him in case his work called so they wouldn't realize he was in jail. Whoops.

At the current rate of cash burn, there's no way I can save enough money to buy a house (or flee the country.) Now if I would fire my housekeeper and watch my budget, I wouldn't have a problem, but I'm spoiled. If I get another rotten roommate, life will be hell and I'll be regretting it, but if I get a another good one, I won't mind at all. The problem lies in the fact that I won't know until it's too late to do anything about it :/

And the sooner I get a roommate, the sooner I can buy a house and get my own cat(s)!
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That sucks. But even if you get a rotten roommate and your life is hell, it won't be for very long because you'll be able to buy a house. Oh, Linda was asking me about your house-hunting; I think she might like to commiserate. You should give her a call.
Gah! You're right. I don't know why I keep forgetting to call her. She's such an awesome person.

I need to do a bit of research into how my IRA affects my home purchase. I hate the thought of taking out a huge loan against it that I have to pay back. Still, it's better that I get a house than not.

Any idea when you'll be coming down?

Not until after my birthday. Hopefully by then I'll have an answer from Linda, which will help me plan things. I'm planning on visiting by the end of January no matter what.
I think you should give it another go! I know its a risk but hell, what in life isn't? Good luck to you, either way :)
They're about 9 miles to the West of me. It looks like they might even be right on the MAX line, too. If that's true, you wouldn't even need a car. Of course, then all the Perl geeks would accuse me of trolling the Perl geekettes.
Roomates: Do Not Try This at Home?!
It's a risk, that is for sure. Good luck no matter what.
..."and so negative that some of my friends started avoiding me so they wouldn't have to put up with her."

Eep! Guilty as charged!

Best of luck in finding a roommate for the meantime, C. It's SO worth it once you're in your very own space. :)
a little bit. I'm exploring options. Is the world ready for Ovid/Celibot Part Deux?
We'll have to chat next week when I'm in town as I am looking for a place to live, only drawback might be my cat allergy...
Oddly, I am also allergic to cats. However, my lease forbids me to have one, so that's not a problem. I'm forced to enjoy them vicariously.
I spoke with fmlcupid about you and your place and it sounds pretty good to me in a number of ways and even if it is pricier it would still be cheaper than getting my own one bedroom. Anyway, I've been a roommate of reddeathgirl for three years and she can vouch for me that I always pay my rent on time. She and I will be arriving in PDX sometime Tuesday and if the place is still available I'd love to chat and see it. Feel free to email me privately with more information or your phone # so I can give you a call when I get up there. Happy New Year!
I'm going to go off topic to say that I think (and hope) that you are going to get me addicted to Perl. :)

Good luck finding a roommate and a house, but what are you doing buying felines when you are allergic?
Really? I didn't know you'd be interested in such things. Most people are bored to tears by the technical side of my life.

And in answer to your icon, I'd be happy to cop you a feel :)
Oh, I love it! I taught myself html as a kid and for the last four years I've been fighting some pernicious ADD in order to find and commit to a more complicated language. :)

My work is pushing this process, thankfully. You're a programmer?

Oop! And thank you!
Yes, I'm a programmer. Regrettably, I've specialized in Perl for so long that it's tough for me to get a job outside of Perl. Still, it's a great language (if you don't mind its quirks) and I can't complain too much.

If you have questions, you can ask me (I help a lot of folks with the language) or get an account over at Perl Monks. It's free and there are some top-notch programmers over there.
I looked at your resume. Nice, especially your including your home address (?) on the website! It's a good thing I'm in Chicago, or you'd be in trouble!

I will let you know what I come up against with the Perl. At this moment, I need to focus on some new, or make that old, fMRI imaging software for work. I can't wait to get into technical tasks again! Enough dedicating my days to placating crazy parents and ankle-biting chillens!
And just clarifying, you're not offended? I imagine Sean wouldn't be much for the naughty Bush. Just my guess...but you have conservatism listed in your interests? What a match!

Hmm, can you tell I'm having an exciting Saturday night? Hoping yours is better!
I'm not offended. No worries. And personally, I don't mind a naughty bush, but a naughty Bush I can live without.

And I am a member of conservatism only so I can post there and try to steer them from the darkness from time to time. Personally I tend to be rather far left.
Good, although I might point out that better naughty bushes do exist.

so I can post there and try to steer them from the darkness from time to time

Bless you for that, especially if you make progress. Now it all makes a bit more sense.