Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Pope John Paul II -- His own worst enemy.

Pope John Paul II wants Pope Pius XII to be declared a Saint. This has not exactly been a secret, but it's somewhat bothersome that not too many people seem to care. You see, our buddy Pius was the pope calling the shots when the Nazis were pre-emptively demonstrating that evil worse than the Bush Administration exists. Unfortunately for Paul, the Catholic church did a great job of not speaking about against the Nazis and helped a lot of them escape at the end of the war. Pius should be a Saint, so the theory goes, because he was a "friend of the Jews." How he could be a friend to the Jews and help so many Nazis escape is a question that only the Vatican can answer -- but it refuses to open its World War II archives.

Now it appears the Paul faces yet another setback in his question for Pius' Sainthood. A letter has surfaced indicating that Pius supported forbidding Jewish parents to reclaim missing children after the war if the children had been baptized.

This background story leads to today's rant.

Jesus Christ in an oven! What the hell is wrong with the Pope? Did he go to the Donald Rumsfeld Charm School or something? I suspect there are a couple of Yanomamo Indians who are unaware of the Catholic church's role in protecting Nazis, but the rest of the world is damned well aware of it. What the hell were they doing? Did they get confused and think the Nazis were pedophiles and merely react out of habit? Do people just not care how despicable the Nazis were and how despicable the protection of them was? How can the Pope possible want to make Pius a Saint while refusing to come clean about the Church's role in the War -- thereby removing any possible stain on Pius' character? Or do they refuse to open their archives because there is a stain?

Someone needs to take Paul aside and explain a few things to him. "Hey, Paulie. You know how the First Vatican Council pulled some shenanigans and declared you infallible? That means you're allowed to speak ex cathedra and skip the mandatory seven centuries of denial and go straight to the mea culpa. Maybe there can be a little healing between the Church and her critics if said Church would try being honest and open for a change.

Or maybe the Church's lawyers have advised the Pope to be silent. The last thing the Church needs is another passel of lawsuits, eh? There's been a fair amount of talk of another schism in the Church and the creation of the American Catholic Church. Unless the Pope and his pals get their act together, I wouldn't be terribly surprised.
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