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Well, I have some Christmas stuff sorted out, but not nearly enough. I am always tremendously stressed out this time of year and my usual habit of waiting until the last minute doesn't help.

In the meantime, I leave you with a little IM exchange. At my job, I am required to leave an instant messenger client open. Naturally, people notice I'm using it and message me. This following is a little exchange I had with a woman who chose the name "Bertha the Beautiful" to maintain her anonymity:

Bertha the Beautiful: hiya hot stuff
ovidperl: Hi Bertha,
ovidperl: How's it going?
Bertha the Beautiful: good! (what, no hiya sex goddess? sheesh! lol)
ovidperl: OK, let me try this again.
ovidperl: Hiya Sex Goddess. My boss is sitting next to me and reading this.

(Side note: her name ain't Bertha but she really is beautiful. Too bad she doesn't live several hundred miles closer.)
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