Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

The Weekend

The first step in cleaning your apartment is admitting you have a problem.

This weekend has been busy and I still haven't done the shopping I had intended.

On Saturday, pdx42, tmonsta, ntnrmlgirl and others showed up at my place for a Return of the King showing. pdx42 had gotten a projector from his work and we had a blast watching ROTK on my wall. Later, we went to razorslave's going away party and had another blast before coming back to my place and having an impromptu party. Much fun was had, but several people had to crash at my place as I became quite adamant about not letting them drive home drunk.

Today, I saw the movie Kinsey with abrichar. What a phenomenal film. The timing is right, too. People need to see this.

Tonight, after much cleaning of the aftermath, I wound up hanging out with "Alice" for a bit. Quote of the evening, from me to Alice: "You mean to tell me you were having sex with your new boyfriend and pocket-dialed your ex-boyfriend's mother? That's classy."

And the second best quote of the evening occurred when she was leaving and trying thank me for the hot chocolate and the roaring fire in the fireplace. Unfortunately, the words didn't come out quite the way she intended them: "Thank you for the fire and the hot cock." (no, nothing happened.)
Don't click any of the Salad Fingers links. They are disturbing flash animations. You've been warned.

Needless to say, she was most embarrassed.
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