Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Christmas, day 2

Lainie must leave today for Yackima, so the three of us spent a lazy evening last night playing Scrabble. Somehow I won, but that, in large part, is because Sean got stuck with the 'Q' and the 'Z' for much of the game. He skipped a turn to exchange them, and promptly drew them again on his next turn. Lainie was beating me handily, but gave me the opportunity to play "teary" on a triple word score and later I set myself up for "eye" on a triple word score. I love this game :)

Today at work is miserable, though. The owner was yelling yesterday about a horribly screwed up project and I pointed out that I was brought in late on a project that I knew nothing about, had never seen anything in writing, yet still managed to fix. Today, I keep getting dragged off of my current project to fix another problem with the old project. I feel like I'm babysitting.

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