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Well, I'm taking an online Java programming class to try and brush up and I may as well join the crowd and mention that I finished my class. I got an A. Big whoop. It's Java, but at least it's another nice thing to have on the resume.

My housekeeper was by today. I don't know why I always feel so compelled to straighten up before she arrives. I mean, that's what I pay her for, right? To be honest, I feel embarrassingly elitist by having her, but she's inexpensive and life is so much better when I don't have to worry so much about that drudgery.

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I just want a houseboy/girl to clean for me. Is that too much to ask?
I know what you typed, but here's what I read:

"I want a houseboy/girl to clean me."

Kind of puts a different spin on things. (PS: I wash backs)
We have a housecleaner that comes in every other week. Ryan and I always clean up before she comes. For me, I don't want to pay her to "straighten up" I want to have it straightened up, then pay her to do the deep down clean. Since I only have her for the morning, I want to make sure she does not get bogged down with the little stuff.

And yes, I feel a bit...pompous about having a house cleaner, but you are right, it is so nice to have her here to free up our time to spend doing much better things ... we can justify it. :)
1. Congratulations -- nice grade!
2. I think I want to call your housekeeper. My place is driving me nuts.
3. I miss you, stranger!
1. Good job on the Java, Jabba!

2. What's next - powdered wigs and clandestine conjugal visits out to the servant's quarters?

3. boy do i love you!
i wish they had hot boys to clean houses
and to do it for cheap
and with little clothes on
while i watch
apparently only with a ton of makeup on!

no i just dont seem to attract the men i seem to be interested in
so chances are if i think he's super hot he wont be interested
but he'll probobly be too stupid anyway so looking is good