Hard at work


You know, it really irritates me to discover that someone has been trashing talking some of my open-source code because it's "unstable" and "buggy." Actually, no, that doesn't irritate me. If my code is unstable and buggy, I want to know about it. What really irritates me is this person's refusal to file any bug report or even tell me what's wrong with the code when I ask. Instead, I get a snippy, profane message telling that suggests I don't know how to read English. The "English" in question, of course, is his telling me that my code is unstable and buggy. Maybe that's true. Who knows? I've not had any bug reports despite the code in question being rather popular.

On the plus side, in a few hours I will be on a plane headed to Idaho to stay with _sister_madly_ for Thanksgiving :)</p>
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just write a trite response in english, babelfish it to badly written french, and respond with that. simple, effective, and he/she may get a clue :)
My French is bad enough that I don't need to Babelfish it, OK? And since when is Babelfish a verb? Don't verb nouns!
I had thought such, but it was hard to tell. Sometimes, it's hard to catch tone through posts. :D
I loathe shit-talking. If you have a real problem, say it. Don't just trash-talk some else's WHATEVER if you have nothing to back it up, and no real problem to hash out. Sounds like a moron who's jealous of your coding skillz.

Have a good trip and happy turkey day!
Sorry to hear about your newly created fan, has this person joined your fanclub yet? Maybe this assumed bad code is infact an undocumented feature?

Have fun on your trip, I'll see you again at the office before you leave us right?

hope you had a wonderful visit!
i look forward to our raincheck!!! :)