LJ Emails?

Has anyone else noticed that only some responses to their posts on LJ are getting emailed to them?
it did this a while back to you get comments left weeks before
I am getting comments without any delay. What cluster are you on?
I am on Cartman. There was recent maintenance on Madcow, Bear and Porkchop. Are your comments delayed when emailed back to you? Could it be that the user is on Madcow cluster.
Nope. I recently had a thread (a private one, so I can't link to it) where a person responded twice. Their first response has never been received, though I did get their second one.
Mystery. I wonder if it is yet another hiccup on the part of LJ where no logical explanations can be found. :)
I was thinking along the same lines.

It's probably because you didn't program the darned thing :)
Yep.. happens to me all the time .. and I still can't reply to them from my email .. so it makes it twice as hard to know who replied to what unless you are popping on lj all freakin day and scouring through your own journal and your friends!>:\ lame much?
I've had problems like that in the past, but it seems to be better as of late. Maybe not though - I wouldn't know unless I kept close tabs, which I don't as well as I should, maybe.