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Can anyone recommend a good online source for understanding Web traffic? Right now, my home page is generating about 9000 page views (not just hits) a month. I am gathering the usual statistics about referrers, unique visitors, blah, blah, blah. Since I use the site in large part to raise my visibility within the Perl community (most hits go to my CGI course), I want to better understand my traffic and how to improve it, so any advice and links would be helpful.
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Amusingly, that's the one that I use. Converting the raw data to useful information is the tough part. I don't know much about Internet marketing.

Nice icon, by the way :)
> Nice icon,


> Raw data

Ahh. I admit I haven't tried using the export to Excel feature so I can't tout that particular part. For my work website I used them to see who was checking out our conference and what paths they took. Pretty informative, but not nearly in the bulk that you have to deal with. *L*
I think most important element that you need to figure out is in what respect would you like improve your traffic flow for you're site.
It's one thing that you just want to raise your visibility, but then again an all together different thing to say you would like to improve a specific aspect of that visibility to bring prominence to certain feature or section of your site.
Again I'm just defaulting to the Socratic Method.