The Long, Unexpected Drive

Last night I was supposed to meet a friend who called to cancel because she was sick. However, it worked out really well -- sort of. lycaonn locked her keys in her trunk. In Woodburn. I had to drive to her house and get her keys and drive them out to her. Unfortunately, I forgot she had moved, so I drove to the wrong house. Once I realized my error, I verified the address. Then I drove to the wrong house again.

Once I finally got her keys, I began the long drive to Woodburn. Ugh. I rarely drive any more. Now I remember why. On the plus side, I have a Laibach ticket out of it. Any why am I free to see Laibach tonight? Because another friend canceled because she is sick. Heh :)
Re: heheheheh
Fucker. I go out of my way to steal quality jokes and then you come along and do this? There is no honor, I tell ya.
I don't know!

It's tearing MY heart out, way of my throat and sinuses! ;)

have enough fun for both of us, eh?
Do you know how hard it is for us to plan things this way? You should appreciate the effort we've put into excluding you. Sean sending that sick guy to cough on you was a stroke of genius.
I always knew he had it in him. what "IT" is, I'm not saying....

have fun. don't mind me. i'll be home coughing up my lung until my eyeballs bulge, but that's ok...don't you dare worry....
well, if you insist.

hey...i'm keeping next tues open and mo is thinking about din-din.
ponder it, eh?
Hmm, ponder, ponder, ponder.


Regrettably, I have plans that evening. I'll also be flying out the following day and won't be back until the following Monday :/
Hey, I'm going to the show too--what are you doing beforehand?