Are you on drugs?

Computer Security

The safest computer is one that is not attached to the Internet.

That's why I recommend Earthlink DSL.

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No. I'm pretty careful to guard against that. It's just that my connection randomly wants to contemplate the meaning of life of something. I have to reset the modem at the most annoying times :/
i'm sorry, but that made me laugh. yes, i'm evil but you knew that.
thursday? still on??
Yuppers. Thursday it is. I have you down for 6:30 or so. Does one of us have the other's number at this point? It would be rather disappointing if we can't coordinate things :)
blargh. well, i'm hoping that cancelling my plan tonight and lounging will get me feeling better.....BUT, I have a fever and can barely swallow. :(

I will give you a status report tomorrow, but if I'm like this, you don't want my cooties. Well not THESE ones anyway. ugh. this is not making me happy!
i just woke up and cannot swallow. and don't be making any jokes
about my porn career either.

it's probably best if you make other plans for thoisday, rather
than hanging in limbo to see how i might feel. i will keep tues
and thurs next week open in the hopes that we can have a raincheck
then. :( well THAT part is :), but the rest is :(