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Bills, Buddies and Books

Bills: I bit the bullet, took out a huge advance on a credit card, paid off another credit card and all of my bills. All debts are now consolidated on one card and this should make finances easier to deal with. I still have two uncashed paychecks, but the company said that we should be able to deposit them in a day or two. We'll see.

Buddies: pdx42 is better known as "SeanT". If you're a PIG, you know who he is. Make him your friend. He's a good friend. He's mostly harmless, housebroken, and an all-around good guy.

Book: my agent contacted me again today about the book. I backed out of my first book deal for reasons that I can't go into (suffice it to say that I made an uncomfortable discovery which made me feel that it was best that I avoid the deal). My second book deal was going nicely, chapters were getting written and the contract was being nailed down when my editor was diagnosed with cancer. She's back, but the interim editor never contacted me. Given that my coauthor also disappeared for a while, I was pretty sure that the deal was dead.

Now, it looks like the deal might be back on. I've requested that we keep the content, get a more reasonable deadline and, if possible, be offered any formatting option other than Micro$oft word. Given that I have a Linux box at home now, M$ is not my first choice. Plus, the book deals with a open-source software language (Perl), so being forced to write in on a closed-source platform seems a bit silly to me.

In any event, I want to push the deal forward and get a contract signed. I need this money and the cash advance that was discussed would definitely help out if my job went bye-bye.

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