Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

I need a cat

I just got back from the House of Dreams Pretty Kitty Gift Bazaar. I am now the proud sponsor of Turtle, a cat that could not be adopted for legal reasons. Despite what the Web site says, I do believe Turtle can be adopted now. She's a beautiful, shy kitty that is very loving but was probably abused when she was younger. She's missing some teeth and is very nervous if your hand gets close to her face. Other than that, she's a big bundle of (nervous) love.

Incidentally, if you check out Turtle's page, you'll notice she's in a cage. House of Dreams is actually a free-roam cat shelter. For various reasons, all cats are caged when they first get to the shelter which is why Turtle was caged. She's actually on the floor now and mingling with the other cats.
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