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Hi There. I'm In Third Grade!

Pardon me while I have an extremely juvenile moment (well, most of my moments are juvenile, so you needn't point this out.) has an article entitled New Images Reveal Clouds on Planet Uranus. Of course, no other planet needs the word "planet" to introduce it. This was merely an attempt to fend off the rather juvenile, but tiresome jokes about the planet's name. In fact, these jokes are sold stale that even I am tired of them. Imagine that.

The jokes are still there, though, because of their most unfortunate choice of tailing paragraph:

"There is very little temperature contrast and very little energy to drive the weather in Uranus," says Sromovsky. "Whatever is happening has to be well lubricated; it has to be a low-friction environment."

Um, right.

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Did you read that in the Christian Science Monitor?

We must bomb that heathen planet now! ;)
Believe it or not, I've always been rather impressed with the Monitor. It's a good newspaper. I've always liked the depth of their articles. Plus, to my surprise, they really do seem free of editorial control of their church.
That quote also made it intact into the article on <a href=">Spaceflight Now</a>. I suppose astronomers (who, obviously, have to handle Uranus daily ;) have become sufficiently used to it not to even notice it any more. Evidence is provided by the title of the immediately subsequent article on the same site: "Keck reveals Uranus ring". It was only because I'd just read your journal that I fell about laughing on seeing this.
Gah. I always forget those closing quotes. Still, least it resulted in a clickable link...