No, not my marriage. Last Saturday, I officiated at the wedding of hollyking and hollyqueen. Congrats to them! They make a cute couple and their friends were awesome. I wouldn't take any payment, but they did threaten me with liquor and food and much fun was had by all.

Today I went down for jury duty. thedr9wningman was there and we had a great time chatting, but unfortunately he was selected for jury duty in Gresham and was shuffled off to hell. I wound up sitting in a jury pool for a trial that was expected to last up through Thanksgiving. I wasn't selected, but it would have been rather humorous for my last month with my current company spent with them paying me for not working there :)
Okay - Gresham isn't SO bad....we've got Typhoon, Thai Orchid, a couple sushi places and we're only 25 minutes from either the falls or the mountain. ;-)
Hey, I didn't know people from Gresham were allowed to post in my LJ. I must see the management about this sad state of affairs.
Nope. Tomorrow I go back to work. I was sort of looking forward to seeing what jury duty is like, but I'm free.