Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

The Ear and the Republican

Today I went down and had a hearing test and saw the doctor for a surgery follow-up. While it's not completely healed, my hearing is considerably better than it was. I saw the hearing charts and my right ear is almost as good as my left, now.

And I just received a very interesting email from someone I know who used to be fairly high up in Oregon State Republican circles (I really can't more than that):
Don't get me wrong I'm not the least bit thrilled with what Bush has done
the past 4 years. And I hate to admit it but you were right about him being
a dunce. I'll just 4 more years of what I know as oppose to 4 years with
someone phony who was described on the radio this morning as follows:

"If Kerry was woman he'd want a Purple Heart every time he had his period."

So it's certainly not what I would want to hear, but I think it shows again that many people do not support Bush. They simply bought into the perception of Kerry that the Republicans painted.
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