OK, I'm kind of trying to sort this one out. Many people are happy about November 2nd; many people are not. Naturally, those who are not are venting, trying to find some way of dealing with their grief and yes, some of them will post it online.

Curiously enough, it's been my experience (and a couple of good friends have said much the same thing) that in real life, people have been very respectful about this. The conservatives I know haven't been gloating to me, nor have I heard anyone in real life tell someone to "stop whining."

All bets are off, though, when someone is hiding at their keyboard. Can we try to show a little respect? I remember crying at a good friend's funeral. No one was so callous as to tell me to "suck it up and be a man." When a friend of mine lost her job and was crying miserably, I didn't tell her to "grow up." When a couple I know recently put down their cat and were mourning, I didn't say "it's just a cat." Were any of those things said, the person saying them would be rightly deemed an asshole.

The Web seems to bring out the worst in people. Many have no compunction about saying stuff like this while sitting safely at their computer, secure in their anonymity. I know it's asking a lot of many who use the 'net, but for the love of whatever you hold dear, be respectful about this and let people grieve.
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This really needed to be said, although it won't have much effect, because if you're the kind of person that doesn't care about others you'll only show respect when you fear the consequences of not doing it.

This works in reverse too. When, as we eventually will, we're on top we need to remember to be respectful. And like the other side, many of us will but some won't, to their shame.

The conservatives that surround me at work have been personally courteous, keeping their cackles of glee and snide remarks somewhat quiet and not addressing them directly to me or to the other few non-Republicans here.

Oh, grow up.

i kid.


got some free time soon? maybe we can have a little outing with Sean and Julie and Amanda or something?
I'm busy that day.

Seriously, I'm doing a wedding this Saturday, so that's out. Other than that, I might have some free time coming up, though I'll be out of town from Thanksgiving through the following weekend.
Uh, if I'm one of the people you're referrin to...I just caught myself a slight case of the "much less eloquent Jonathan Swifts" in the wake of the election. I'll sign my name to it though. All parody aside, the people who are getting screwed out of jobs, healthcare, and in some cases their lives, by the Bush aministration, and yet voted for him because they thought Kerry was a godless heathen who was pro abortion and gay rights, well those people have the survival instinct of the Wild Boxers of Fiji -- Non-Friggin-Existent!
No worries. I didn't see anything you posted about this and I certainly understand why you might. I'm certainly not upset with you or anyone else about that.
"The Web seems to bring out the worst in people. Many have no compunction about saying stuff like this while sitting safely at their computer, secure in their anonymity."

This sums it up perfectly for me. And not just about politics..
I wish I'd read this yesterday. I'm happy to let people grieve, I just got sick of what showed up in my friends list in general yesterday and posted a quick "I'm tired of it and don't want to hear it" sort of post. Had this been posted sooner, I might not have or just let it go.

As it stands, I did wind up telling a really good friend to "Shut the hell up" because I was tired of it, and I wound up doing such in an offline sense. Yesterday was a really hard day for the whole country, regardless of who won. I'm just glad that things seem to be moving along today.
As I mentioned above, no worries. I understand that this is a very difficult time for people. I certainly am not holding any grudges over what people write while they're still angry or hurt.