New Job

I've turned in my notice. As of December 1st, I will be working for Kineticode. I'll miss my coworkers and the insider Hollywood gossip, but this new position is a fantastic opportunity for me. Oh, and I get an Ibook :)
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Congratulations! May you wind up in a work environment without a Dilbert-esque boss! ;)
I am SO excited for you. This is great news.

* yippee * backflip * whee *
That is great news. Way to go!

Drinks this week? still wanna? let me know, k?
Re: Congratulations, again!
November 30th is my last day. I wanted a bit of time off between the two but I realized that working those two days between Thanksgiving holiday and my new job start date ensures that my current company can't claim the day before Thanksgiving as my last day and potentially short the paycheck.
Fantastic. So glad to hear it, laddie! Onward and upward.
congrats! but you'll be missed :(

who else can i go to drinks with and comiserate?

we'll have to do one more before you're gone for good, and if you're really up for it, i can always fill you in on the juiciest gossip :)

Bricolage is a great package! I'm glad to know that I'll have yet another person I can bribe to help me with it :)