Things to be thankful for

I was sitting in a meeting with a few other programmers this morning and I was trying to figure out why everyone was speaking so loudly.


My ear is starting to hurt again, but it's not as bad as it was.

And in other news, I've purchased my ticket to Coeur d'Alene. I'll be spending Thanksgiving with _sister_madly_. Yay me!
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Even with the off-duty cop haircut, I am still not a Vulcan.

Aargh! That's the third time I've posted this since I kept making tyops! (sic) That's just not logical, damn it.
Hello there just snooping
Hey brother! just thought I would see what you're doing these days.

Anyway I didn't expect to find you filling your ear up with jello, whats going on?!? Alarm bells sounding - hope its not hereditary.
Re: Hello there just snooping
Hey Lewis! It's great you're here.

Sorry I'm a slug about email. Always have been.

As for the jello, I hard surgery on my right ear about three weeks ago. When he was done, the surgeon filled the ear with gelatin to protect it. As for the actual problem, I don't think it's hereditary. I had something called a cholesteatoma removed from my right ear about a decade ago. That pretty much left me deaf in that ear. This latest surgery was an attempt by the surgeon to restore my hearing.