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Silencing electoral-vote.com

If you're not familiar with it, check out electoral-vote.com. They've been a bit slow to load lately and I wondered why. Perhaps it's the traffic? Perhaps the person who runs it doesn't know his/her job? Perhaps they're being attacked? Today we get an answer (emphasis mine):

The site has had technical problems repeatedly in the past several days and has been down several times. I didn't want to discuss this, but I don't want anyone to think the problem was an incompetent hosting service. Just the opposite. The site has been subjected to a full-scale, well-organized, massive attack with the clear intention to bring it down. The attackers have tried repeatedly to break in, but the server is a rock-solid Linux system which has stood up to everything they threw at it and hasn't crashed since I got it in May. While our troops are fighting and dying to bring freedom of speech to the Iraqi people, there are forces in America who find this concept no longer applicable to America. I don't know who is behind this attack yet (although we are working it), but it is too professional to be some teenager working from a home PC. Given that all the hate mail and threats I get come entirely from Republicans, I can make an educated guess which side is trying to silence me, but I won't say. And I won't surrender to cyberterrorists.

Why would anyone want to shut the site down? The author presents the polls, presents the sources and, as far as I can tell, isn't advocating anything. I'm going to be eagerly watching to see what's happening with this.

Damn. I tried to look at it yesterday and it wouldn't load.

Further proof that they don't want to hear anything remotely related to the truth. *lalalalaIcan'thearyouBushisagreatpresidentlalalala*
I heard that it was actually a Republican-slanted site. Nevertheless, I saw it last night and Kerry was up 278 to 254.

WHEEEE! Hope! That feels good!
Oh, and that guy should never discount the minds of our teenage populace. They're smarter than they look, folks.