Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

SOAP, anyone?

I try to push my technical entries over to my use.perl journal, but this one is a little, er, too off-color.

We frequently refer to clients by a short name. "20th Century Fox," for example, is just referred to as "Fox." We have a client named "Dickinson". Naturally they sometimes referred to as "Dick." They have just started sending us data using a technology called "SOAP." The jokes, of course, are obvious and rampant.

I'm the programmer who's been assigned the task of writing the code that will read their data. The person entering the task realized that using "SOAP" and "Dick" in the task title is probably not a good idea. However, I am not convinced that the actual title of "Use SOAP to get Dickinson" is a much better name.
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