Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Portland Peace Rally

I called many of my friends today to see if they could make it to the peace rally. Aside from Sean, Lainie, and ***** (who were already there), every one said 'no'. Admittedly, I called them when it was starting, so it was late notice, but it was depressing nonetheless. After about fifteen rejections, I gave up.

To restore your faith in our democratic process, however, you should read about Voting Machines. One of the many refreshing stories:

A Texas-sized lack of curiosity about discrepancies: In Comal County Texas, the uncanny coincidence of three winning Republican candidates in a row tallying up exactly 18,181 votes each was called weird, but apparently no one thought it was weird enough to audit.

When 18 machines were pulled out of action in Dallas because they registered Republican when voters pushed Democrat, the judge quashed an effort to investigate the accuracy of the tally.

But when Scurry County poll workers got suspicious about a landslide victory for Republicans, they had a new computer chip flown in and also counted the votes by hand — and found out that Democrats actually won by wide margins, overturning the election.

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