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Term Limits Reconsidered

I've always opposed the idea of term limits. Basically, the idea is that if a politician sticks around too long, he or she may be corrupted, so we will not allow that person to run again for office after a certain number of terms. Of course, this means that good politicians could be forced out with the bad. It also violates the idea of a democracy: you can't vote for whom you wish to vote. Personally, I've thought that term limits are an awful idea because they're trying to deal with a symptom of our problems rather than do the right thing and fix the actual damned problem.

Given ...

... I've decided that it's time to rethink my position on term limits.

Let's institute term limits for political parties.

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Can't we just kick 'em into the Boston harbor and call it Bost Tea Party ][?
While I agree with you for the most part, I do have to say "fuck Ralph Nader"...
Here is 'Jersey we permit two terms. One in the senate, the other in jail. :-)