Hard at work

Work, Homework, and Codeine

The pain in my ear has eased off quite a bit, but I can't open my jaw all the way. I take Tylenol-3 (Tylenol with codeine) to deal with it, but it does make it a bit hard to concentrate at work. I feel a bit off-kilter and the surgery has left me with some balance issues, but I'm sure that will clear up as my ear heals. Now my free time is being killed by me having to slog through Java homework. I still can't say I care for the damned language, but the paychecks, the paychecks!
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I'm diggin your new user icon... and SO glad you took "Geek on the Beach" off your website.
valium works really well for dizziness... i had a dizziness problem last year & the good doctor sold me some valium (okay, prescribed it...) & it just fixed everything right up... she says that it works on the same section of the brain where dizziness is...

i'm sending you healing vibes... :-)
he's bad enough with just the codeine. i'd hate to see him valium'd up as well :)

(i made fun of him behind his back on monday, shhhh, doing my best "way stoned" imitation, he was that jacked up. again, shhhh, don't tell him).
I hope you feel better, mate.

btw, your new icon makes you look like Malcolm X after spending the summer in Scandinavia.

You took the Geek of the Beach picture off??? I loved that picture!! It's so Barton Fink!
I love love love your new userpic. It captures you in the way I remember you, right before you smile and laugh.

Happy recovering. *hug*
yes, nice pic! and feel better soon.
lets touch base about lunch or somethin'
this w/end. :)