Eh, say what?

About 12, 13 years ago, I had surgery on my right ear to remove something called a cholesteatoma (sort of like a tumor, but dead tissue instead of living tissue.) Unfortunately, it destroyed the bones in my middle ear and pretty much left me deaf on that side. My friends get used to me scurrying to their right side like a cockroach so I can hear what they're saying.

Next Friday, I'll be in surgery. The surgeon is going to install one or two prosthetics (depending upon how severe the damage is) in my ear to replace those bones. For the first time in over a decade, I'll be able to hear out of that ear. For some reason, this makes me a bit nervous. I'm so used to be hard of hearing that I'm not sure what it will be like to have my hearing back.
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Good luck with the surgery - hopefully all will go well and you'll be back in "stereo" soon! :)
If it's prosthetic though, would the clubs really be able to destroy it? Glad to hear you'll have your hearing back.
I can see where it would be a daunting prospect. You've learned to compensate and it's going to be a shift to get used to, even though it's a good one.

Good luck!
Good luck. I hope it's successful and I bet you're gonna love it.
i look forward to having you on my left when we pair :)

i do hope it goes well, for your sake. though the thought of balance issues is very daunting to me.
That's awesome!

I wish you a good surgery and a speedy recovery.

*good luck*

I've had my ear drum rupture before. My balance and hearing were horrible for months. It's not fun but having your hearing is a very good thing!

super-exciting... hearing out of both ears is good... :-)

oh, but it's *always* kind of daunting when people cut into your head...
I think it should be a great thing, even if a bit scary. You're in the prime of life... with too many years left to not appreciate the function of BOTH ears. If it can be fixed, go for it!

Lots of luck! If you're not uncomfortable having folks around, I'd LOVE to stop by and visit you in the hospital after the surgery. But if not, that's okay... And I would STILl wish you lots of luck! *hugs*
Thank you! That's very sweet. Actually, it's outpatient surgury that I will be awake for. About an hour of cutting and then I'll be on my way home. Not much hospital time to deal with :)
Good luck. I expect things will seem very loud to you for a while, but you'll soon get used to it.
Best of luck. I'm severely deaf from birth, and probably wouldn't leap at the opportunity to hear properly if it was given to me; I'm too used to it, and I'd be too scared of the surgery. It's a lot worse for people who have their hearing only to lose it.

At any rate, I can tell you (from experiences with new hearing aids and suchlike) that being able to hear better suddenly is likely to be slightly disorienting, possibly even unpleasant at first, but after a few days to a couple of weeks you'll have pretty much forgotten what it was like before. And those little habits you've picked up from being deaf in one ear will adapt themselves without you having to think about it too much :)
it will be like the first time you ever put on eye glasses.

suddenly things will be clear,
and you'll notice alot things for the first time.
Hey there. I didn't see this until now, because it was posted while Jen and I were on vacation (and I'm slow about reading past journal entries).

I hope everything went well for you, and the healing time will be quick.
Ah, Eric just alerted me to this post --- which explains what I'd missed and suspected.

Please update us on the outcome when you can, m'dear.

I'm hoping for the best!