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Sometime you're the pigeon...

... and sometimes you're the statue. Yesterday, we found out that checks will be late again. Our junior graphic designer got laid off and I'm sitting here trying to think of what my best options are. We desperately need to finish my current project to pull in some dough and I think that **** has finally realized that he needs to be productive. He keeps taking off onto little side trips of "wouldn't it be cool if we could do X?".

I promised a couple of people that I would go dancing at Embers last night, but I never showed up. I was too tired after the Perl Monger's meeting and, in any event, I need to be cautious with the cash.

(I wish I had thought of a lightning talk in time for that meeting, though ... I'm curious how my "Give up Perl" idea would have gone over with a bunch of Perl programmers.)

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