Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Merry Christmas and other stuff

Christmas was wonderful. Sean, Lainie and I spent the day together watching the Two Towers, exchanging presents and getting stuffed on a ten-pound ham. I was rather disappointed with Christmas dinner as I was the one making it. It was rather run of the mill in part because I couldn't make my pasta side dish that would have livened it up. I was planning on making farfalle pasta in a lemon cream sauce with roasted pine nuts, but I forgot to buy cream. Funny how I made a list, checked it twice, had Sean check it, yet still forgot the cream. Darn it.

After dinner, I took a short nap and then we went out dancing at Embers. The music was rather inconsistent (fancy that at Embers, eh?), but we still had a great time. I'm at work with only four hours of sleep, but it was worth it.

Regarding work, we had a rotten situation where our creative director made some Web pages that didn't fit what we needed, so the project manager spent a couple of days essentially duplicating them. However, it turned out for the best as the original set of Web pages turned out to perfectly fit out needs for creating an "on the fly" content management system. I have to write a quick program that extracts the contents of the HTML pages and turns them into a server side include and those original pages fit perfectly for that (if that didn't make sense, just pretend you didn't read this paragraph).

Tonight, Sean, Lainie and I will be getting together for a vicious game of Scrabble. Now if only I could just remember all of the 'Q' words that don't require a 'U' ...

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