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The Next Week

For those who are wondering where the hell I've been, I have a friend from the Netherlands staying with me and we'll be at OSCON, the Open Source Convention, being held here in Portland, for the coming week. Amongst other things, the Perl Conference 8 is being held there. Admittedly this doesn't mean much to most of you, but it's pretty important to me from a professional stand-point.

Plus, I get to catch up with friends from all over the world. Tough to beat that :)

If you'll be at OSCON, let me know.
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Public / Private? (Invite?)


I'm interested, but I'm also a cheapskate.
It's public, but it runs about five hundred dollars. I volunteered, so I got in free, but volunteer slots are all filled.
You're right. I have tons of friends at the conference and even if there was no professional development available, it's still great to hang out with friends that I've not seen in a long time.

Glad you like the icon :)
Wait a minute....
... you say my icon creeps you out?

You're a twisted man!
Re: Wait a minute....
Yeah, but at least people can tell my icon is a joke. People might think that your's is real. I keep looking at that and just know that you're mentally reciting your bell tower/deer rifle mantra.
That's funny. I have a friend comming in from The Netherlands tomorrow for OSCON as well. Geekery!!
Who is it? The only Dutch folk I know there are my friend and a gentleman named Jouke, the author of the incredible pVoice software for disabled children.
Actually I misspoke, he owns a house in Leiden, but currently lives in Brussles. Ryan Sweet, American, he's on the lobster list. I'm taking him to Crush this afternoon/evening. Whoo. :)
Howdy! I'm at OSCON, well at this very moment. I'm back home to sleep in my bed but I'll be there all week. I'll try and look you up to say thanks for giving me a bit of help even if it didn't work out.
Hey, it would be great to meet. Needless to say, I'll be at most of the Perl shindigs. I hang around Schwern, Andy Lester, and Bill Odom, so if you see them, there's a good chance they might be able to point you to me. (I hang around lots of others, too, but those are the names you're most likely to know.)