I was so mad at a guy in republicans advocating for the Federal Marriage Amendment that I wrote the following. I decided not to post it there because I just don't have the energy for the fight.
Yeah, just what we need. More state-sponsored hate and bigotry. Keep it up, guy. Teach the children that different people are evil. Preach that tolerance is wrong. So many conservatives claim that liberals hate America. That's not true. We hate your America: the tyranny of the Religious Right (who should be known as "the Christian Taliban.")
well said.

In my opinion, it's not the liberals that hate America. It's the Conservatives that hate this America.
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Do you read the Economist? There's a good editorial in the last one discussing the Republican party of W. and where it contrasts with the Republican party of the gipper & the terminator. Seems Arnie isn't campaigning outside of Ca for the president's reelection.
Personally, I don't hate America; rather, I feel sorry for it's people being lumbered with the same corrupt government for the last 25+ years.

I'm so glad I live in a tolerant, open democracy with a government that listens to its people... err...
i so understand not having energy for the fight...

i wish i didn't understand...

i wish i still had energy for that fight... in my world, it's a a noble one... there is so much value there... and yet, i, too, am so tired...

i so understand not having enery for the fight...
Apathy in the ranks
What's really encouraging is that while a few of the right-wingers are really worked up over this, there's distressingly (for them) little real passion for the cause in the ranks.

There's a nice article on this in the Washington Post, but you'll need to register at to read it (it's free but I hate these registrations).

The gist is that far-right religious leaders were really banking on this issue to whip up support for Bush in the fall, but there's little interest in the pews. They are "working on it" to try and make people feel more personally threatened.

Agh! If I hear the 'liberals hare America' line one more time I'll do someone some serious damage.

Yeh, sure and 'All men are rapists' / 'All white people are devils' / 'Gays are after your kids' / etc.....

It's just a cheap, hysterical statement designed to derail any reasoned argument. As soon as stuff like this gets trotted out any chance of sensible debate bites the dust.


On the gay marriage issue, I have yet to hear a decent argument against it that isn't based on religion. I've seen some faith-based stuff and whilst I don't agree with it, it was at least coherent. Besides that no one seems to be able to articulate exactly what it is about gay unions that is a threat to American society.