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Gay Genes Gone Bad

Possibly one of my weirdest posts ...

Many gay people claim they don't have a choice. They're born gay. Personally, I think some people may choose to be gay or bisexual, but there has certainly been some circumstantial evidence to suggest that there may be a genetic component to sexuality. And what if there is? What if it's proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that sexual orientation is genetically determined? Will gay people dance about in joy, knowing that one of the strongest arguments against their lifestyle has been destroyed? Perhaps they will, but perhaps they shouldn't.

Think about it. We're getting closer and closer to the point where we can have designer babies. Blond hair or red? Brown eyes or blue? Gay or straight? Now seriously, how many couples are going to order a gay baby? What's worse, with some parents now deciding to abort their children because tests confirm a serious genetic disorder, will parents decide to abort gay babies? (They're already aborting many girls in China.) That will be interesting -- watching the Right-to-Life Christians crusade to save the gays.

Many (perhaps most) people will choose not to order a gay baby; some people will choose to abort a gay baby. There will, of course, be one notable and terribly ironic exception: ultra-conservative religious types who feel that genetic manipulation is against God's will, as is abortion. Will it be possible, in the future, that almost all gays will be born to them? Do I applaud the humor or feel bad for the children? Decisions, decisions ...
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