Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Hollywood Hell

After a long, painful day at work, I've come to the conclusion that I hate Hollywood. Oh, I love the movies, I love my job, and I admit that I have come to love hearing some of the gossip, but Hollywood itself is this vicious, foul, narcissistic beast that whose spawn delight in nothing more than tossing money in mud puddles to see who will wallow for it.

One executive has an assistant whose job is to follow the executive around and hand him sweets whenever he wants some. Yet another has claimed that charging a Palm Pilot is too difficult, so one person has the responsibility of maintaining backup Palm Pilots fully charged at all times and swapping them out before the battery on the "active" one dies. This executive recently went on a vacation and was furious when his battery died. Many studios provide their executives with rubber phones that won't break when thrown. You can imagine how understanding these people are when we explain that having advance notice of new features is helpful.

And those are the stories I can tell which don't violate my non-disclosure agreement.
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