The Joy of Sacks

I have too many sacks of garbage lying around. The garbage can out back is getting overly full as I further whittle down my possessions while unpacking. Today, I finished assembling a dresser (something I've needed for quite some time) and I just started assembling a sofa table to put my stereo on.

Hopefully, I'll be finished with unpacking this week and I can return to my regularly scheduled life and continue boring everyone with long rants about politics, programming, and pseudo-science (that's alliterative if you mispronounce "pseudo").
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lol about the psuedo (you know people do).

Meanwhile - shame on you for putting stuff in the dumpster - Goodwill, charities, garage sale - let's recycle here!!!!!
No worries. Goodwill has been quite the recipient of my largess.

A lot of the stuff that I am tossing (and recycyling!) is pure, unadulterated crap. Believe me, no one wants my old photocopied notes about writing VBA macros for Excel 95.
I get to do that task starting Friday...ugh...I kind of like the unpacking portion of moving though because it means my life is almost put back together again like some warped jigsaw puzzle.
Hmmm...our creepy connection strikes again. I was just thinking yesterday that your really, really need a dresser.
What can I say? I'm looking for a sofa and have furniture on my mind. Say, we need to get the evil sectional back to your place before I leave town.
Bizarre (as usual).

I can stuff the sectional back in the office. It will work out OK there, though I have to admit that it doesn't really fit the look.
Tool girl here
Next thing you have to put together, call me. Even my DUSTBUSTER is 18V! We can crank anything together in no time.

Puh-soo-doh. I love it. It sounds like something in a pretentious recipe book.
glad to see you are still alive... i had n't seen ya around in a while ;)
Hi, I added you as a friend b/c you seem interesting and I want to hear your 20th bday story :). I am from Portland, OR and currently go to school in Corvallis, OR.
Re: hello
Sorry, the 20th birthday story involves me consuming copious amounts of alcohol and being convinced that you won't run screaming after hearing it :)

I've added you back, by the way.