Next week I will pretty much cease to exist. I'm moving to an upstairs apartment and the owners have allowed me to take all of next week to do it. This still means I'll have to get some packing done this weekend and I'll have to be out of here and get this place cleaned for the new tenant(s).

In short: don't expect me to be out and about much (though if you're free any night next week, moving help would be nice :)
Slow, drawn-out moves
They're nice because you're on less of a deadline, but hassle-ish because you can't just dump it all in a truck at once. In Maryland, my family once bought a house a block away from the one we'd been living in. We moved the fridge down the street on a dolly. Had to move the entire household mostly by foot on a day that topped out at 102 degrees. Good thing you're in Portland with an indoor move.

I'll be happy to give you a hand!