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No Body in the Apartment for Rent

A couple of months ago, he was lamenting to some friends about how he wished he could just "disappear," when they asked him a rather interesting question: "why don't you?"

So he did.

He gave his Range Rover to a single mom, sold all of his stuff and skipped town without a word. Rumor has it that he's fleeing to Israel via Amsterdam. No one has any idea what really happened to him, but the good news is, you can rent his killer apartment!

Well, no you can't. You can rent my killer apartment because I'm taking his killerer (sic) apartment.

I'm posting this on behalf of my landlady.

The apartments are a couple of blocks north of Lloyd Center in Irvington. The building is a 4-plex built in 1927. You get an 1100 square foot, two-bedroom, one bath apartment with hardwood floors, a fireplace, large storage area and a coin-op washer and drier in the basement. No smoking or pets. 1806 NE 13th $875. 503-331-1337. And on a personal note: these places are beautiful.

And you get to live by me! Ain't that sweet? (don't answer that)
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