Vicious Cows

After dealing with my bout of social overload, I've happily sat down this evening and tried to figure out the cattle. At times I would witness cattle charging tigers, but the tigers seemed to look the other way and wouldn't pay attention. This was most confusing. A bit of brain surgery suggested that the animals couldn't think, but as it turns out, their eyes (which worked fine) weren't actually sending any signals to their brain. The animals could think. The animals could see. They just couldn't think about what they saw. Most disappointing.

It took me about two hours to figure that out and write the code that fixed the problem. Now my little electronic cows are eating plants, my tigers are eating the cows and everyone's happy.
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*looks confused*

I've missed out on a whole lot of background...

I'm creating an artificial ecosystem framework in Perl. Basically, you create a bunch of cows, tigers and plants and they run around and die. They cows and tigers have small neural networks for brains and these networks evolve over time using Lamarckian evolution (via asexual reproduction -- less exciting, but easier to program).
oh the kind of wierd messed up stuff I could come up with if I had that same knoledge!

PS: this reminds me...What you describe is very similar to a process described in a couple of books I've been reading by (Dr.)Rudy Rucker (Mathematics and Computer Science professor @ Univ of San of my fav's)


The Wares Series (Software, Wetware, Freeware, Realware)
The Hacker and the Ants

True, these works are fiction, however the theory behind them is logically possible...