<lennox type="annie">Here comes the pain again...</lennox>

I threw my back out again. A couple of weeks ago, ailie was in town and I was walking along with her when my back started seizing up. It happened again a few days ago and last night, it threw its imaginary hands in the air and said "I'm done with this."

I got back from the store and lay down for a bit and wound up falling asleep until about midnight. This morning, driving to work, it's on fire. Once it calms down, I must start riding my bike again to get my weight down. I'm not very large, but I've learned that any extra weight whatsoever makes my back problems much worse. Tonight will be dedicated to a hot bath, a good book, and plenty of sleep afterward.
I don't know if you utilize chiropractic care, but I was eventually convinced to see Dr. Flowers and he is a miracle worker!!!! His number is 503-287-5504 if you are interested.
Yeah yeah yeah, sounds awful. Are you joining Jen and me Sat. night?
Yeah, I did. I'll send out another one to nail down a time. Saigon Kitchen tickle your fancy?
Ya know massage is helpful and Sara has killer deals going on now for body work... you can get a 'massage sandwich' as well (hottub for 30 minutes, massage for 1 hour and then hottub or sauna for abother 30 minutes) which totally helps to work out the back nasties. Drop her an email or call her if you're interested.
Heinlein's "The Number of the Beast". Unfortunately, like some of Heinlein's later work, the ending tends to bog down a bit.
I want to smuggle space colonists.

When I was a boy, I read "Starman Jones" so many times that the book was falling apart.