Well done.

I was visiting friends last night and one friend, in commenting on a tiff she got into on LJ, mentioned in passing "... as I'm planning to vote for Bush ..." and I was floored. I mean, I knew that she had this irrational love of Bush's war in Iraq but with everything that's come to light recently even about that ... wow.

I literally felt like I'd been punched in the stomach -- I got a physical pain in my gut. It's the same thing to me as if I was sitting in someone's home, someone I otherwise respect, and they said You know, that Hermann Goering was a great guy! or Man, I really hate niggers! I simply had no idea what to say and just gaped, then let the conversation move onward. I mean, I was in her house, after all, so I'm not going to freak and tell her how wrong-headed and insane that is.

But ... wow. I can generally accept other people having differing opinions from my own without discomfort, but my perception of the sheer evil of the current administration makes it impossible for me to accept that someone whose intelligence and morality I otherwise respect would actually vote for that bastard. Jesus.
:) Very, very well done. Did you roast some marshmellows on the smoldering remains? ;)
The world is full of them. I think that we've started descending down the otherside of the bell-curve of evolution. Yikes.

very entertaining, this.
Re: Morons!
Good grief, it was just a joke about our society having reached it's potential (which I seriously hope has not, in fact, happened) and has to start reverse evolution back to prinitive life forms before we utterly destroy our earth and existence.

love from,
your favorite idiot eugenecist
I just read the 'conversation'. I am highly impressed with your abilities to maintain an open mind, think things thoroughly, respond with backed up information, and write out your thoughts. (Yes I realize what a terribly unbalanced, ungrammatical sentence that is - and I am supposed to possess an English minor! The shame!). I think you did an excellent job of "spanking" those two in the community.