My father lives in Germany. He just found out that he now officially works out of Chicago (no, not Chicago, Germany). Mind you, the company didn't actually tell him this. They just sent out a company-wide email announcing a new manager and the list of employees, including my father, reporting to him.

I doubt he'll have to move to the US. In fact, he'd probably flat out refuse since he doesn't want to live here again, but it will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Sometimes corporations suck.
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Yuppers. You're on my calendar. Give me a call at 503.740.2353 and we'll work everything out. (or you can shoot me an email before then).
My boyfriend works for Intel, and they pull that kind of stuff all the time.
My ex corporation thought nothing of picking up and dropping families at whim. It wrecked lives.
A favorite phrase around my company is "I guess I didnt get that memo....."

It's so frustrating when people use information as weaponry. So, is it this sort of thing that is the reason your dad has issues about living in the US or is it a bigger story?
Re: Yikes
It's a bigger story, but I doubt I'll ever get all of it. Let's just say that he's not fond of this country.