Exhausted But Happy

Yesterday, I went down to the Multnomah Building where the wedding certificates are being handed out. Once I realized they didn't have an "official" spot for ministers, I realized that showing up in work clothes, no matter how professional, wasn't going to cut it. Walking up to people and saying "can I marry you" is more likely to get me slapped than appreciated.

Today, I went down dressed appropriately. I haven't performed a wedding in years, so I was a bit nervous, but I got into it. I married seven couples today. It was considerably more exhausting than I thought. My back aches, my legs are sore and I'm looking forward to bed.

One couple I married had been together for eight years and another for seventeen. Their joy at finally being married was wonderful. They cried, they laughed, they hugged and kissed. It was a great thing. I can't understand how anyone could tell them "no."

As for myself, I need to bring a lot more water with me. My throat was getting scratchy. I'll also need to take some Advil or else I won't be able to keep doing this. I was cold and was getting a bit rummy at the end. I stared at some of the forms and once had trouble figuring out what my name was. Very disconcerting.

I'm also happy to have helped. If you have time, go down to the Multnomah Building (501 SE Hawthorne) tomorrow before 5 PM and show your support. Couples who don't have a wedding planned, can't afford one, or don't want to risk a judge shutting things down are getting hurriedly married on the sidewalk. I think that's a bit sad, but I don't blame them one bit. While some have family and friends there, others need witnesses for their ceremony (to sign the documents). Also, toward the end, it was getting rather lonely and the loud cheers for the earlier couple dwindled to a few scattered people clapping at the end. If you live in Portland, it would be wonderful if you could come out and show your support.
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Eric told me he'd read that you were going to do this... how wonderfully heartwarming, C.

Do you have more than a ULC certificate, or is that it? I'd love to offer my services if that's all that is needed.
To be honest, I don't know what the law is now. I was ordained in 1990 and back in -- let's see, I think it was 1998, I filed the paperwork with the state of Oregon and that gave me the ability to perform marriages here the rest of my life so long as the church does not revoke my right to perform marriages (which they haven't and won't). I understand that the laws are less strict now, but I'd look into it rather than put people's marriages at risk.

And thanks for the kind words! We need to get together again.
I agree... I'd want to make sure I was totally legal, as not to put anyone's union at risk (oh, the irony!).

Yes, we do. Soon. Like... next week, maybe? Or the following? Let's touch base shortly, mmkay?
You can be ordained on the ULC website. After that, you'll want to send them a letter requesting a "letter of good standing" to certify that you are a member of good standing with the church. Oregon does not require that you show it to anybody, at least for now. It's a good idea to have it, in case the rules suddenly change, which they might. They used to require it as recently as three years ago. But for now, since one is not required, you can start performing ceremonies as soon as you have verified your ordination with the church.
Re: officiating
they required it 2 years ago, when marissa and i got married (filing the certificate with the state)
Re: officiating
When I went to the courthouse last year they told me it was no longer required. Must have been a very recent change.
I just found a link that details Oregon law on this matter. The relevant section:

106.120 Who may solemnize marriage; payment; records. (1) Marriages may be solemnized by:

(a) Any judicial officer of the state;

(b) A county clerk;

(c) Religious congregations or organizations as indicated in ORS 106.150 (2); or

(d) A clergyperson of any religious congregation or organization who is authorized by the congregation or organization to solemnize marriages.

It looks like you'd just have to get ordained online, call the Church to verify and then you're good to go. I'd still contact a lawyer, first, just to be on the safe side.
That was a very wonderful thing for you to do. :) Now seven couples are happier that their dreams of matrimony have been finally realized.
Hooray for you! I think that awesome that you are helping out like that.

One lady I know is getting married soon. She and her partner have been married in 4 other states already! She said their plan is to get re-married in a new state every time it becomes legal. I thought that was a great idea, not only does it increase the support numbers but how nice to celebrate your marriage by doing it all over again instead of just going out to dinner or something.

I work till 1pm tomorrow, need to do some errands but maybe I'll stop by to show my support!
I saw you on the news this morning!!!!! *jumpsupanddown...clapclap*
If I lived in Portland I would be right there with you honey! If you meet any couples that are from Eugene and would like a ceremony performed down here, I and my freind are available and totally pumped to help out. I wanted to come up there with her, but she has to work all week and I am too broke to buy the gas to go myself.
you da man!!!
Me and Caorlee drive past and verbally assault the christians out front it porlly doest help but damn if it doesnt feel good!!! are you keeping a list of those you marry ? if so get contact info and see if they want wedding photos for free at a later date cause i gotta work in the daytime.. only the ones you marry please i heard there was 800 married and i got enough onmy plate as it is...but wanna do something for them other than tell christian protesters to suck my ass!!!
follow up
And I'm proud to know you as well. You've really impressed me with your convictions, and your will to have your life reflect them.
Sadly I don't live in Portland but it's great to read what you've been doing.

All the best. The world needs a few more people like you.