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Exhausted But Happy

Yesterday, I went down to the Multnomah Building where the wedding certificates are being handed out. Once I realized they didn't have an "official" spot for ministers, I realized that showing up in work clothes, no matter how professional, wasn't going to cut it. Walking up to people and saying "can I marry you" is more likely to get me slapped than appreciated.

Today, I went down dressed appropriately. I haven't performed a wedding in years, so I was a bit nervous, but I got into it. I married seven couples today. It was considerably more exhausting than I thought. My back aches, my legs are sore and I'm looking forward to bed.

One couple I married had been together for eight years and another for seventeen. Their joy at finally being married was wonderful. They cried, they laughed, they hugged and kissed. It was a great thing. I can't understand how anyone could tell them "no."

As for myself, I need to bring a lot more water with me. My throat was getting scratchy. I'll also need to take some Advil or else I won't be able to keep doing this. I was cold and was getting a bit rummy at the end. I stared at some of the forms and once had trouble figuring out what my name was. Very disconcerting.

I'm also happy to have helped. If you have time, go down to the Multnomah Building (501 SE Hawthorne) tomorrow before 5 PM and show your support. Couples who don't have a wedding planned, can't afford one, or don't want to risk a judge shutting things down are getting hurriedly married on the sidewalk. I think that's a bit sad, but I don't blame them one bit. While some have family and friends there, others need witnesses for their ceremony (to sign the documents). Also, toward the end, it was getting rather lonely and the loud cheers for the earlier couple dwindled to a few scattered people clapping at the end. If you live in Portland, it would be wonderful if you could come out and show your support.

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