It's sad, but I had to give my sister a temporary email address for me. She keeps wanting to send me ecards or entering my email address in various sites that send email for her. I asked her not to, but she wouldn't stop. She's agreed to use the new email address and, if I start getting spam from it, I can just shut if off and send her a new address.
my confession
haha, i had to do that with my sister :) i don't feel bad, but i'm thinking she may have a touch of ocd for sending forwards and signing me up for things online. it's all good :D (that email is spammed like it's the only email box online)

i've slipped a couple times though..

her: 'did you get my email?'
me: 'which email?' (meaning 'which account?')
but then i just play it off like i'm talking about the 'email'.

i can't tell her. i don't want to have to keep making new email accounts :/