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Here's a very interesting article about terrorism. Here's the very interesting executive summary.

If we assume that A., terrorists hate us and B., they're not stupid, then it logically follows that those terrorists probably are not in the US. The reasoning is pretty straightforward. If the terrorists are intelligent, then they want to engage in terror acts that offer the most exposure for least risk. 9/11 incidents will be few and far between, but random arson, bombings, and other things will be the order of the day. I would find such things to be trivial to pull off. Trained terrorists, therefore, should find it even easier (particularly since we're a wide open country -- this is hardly Israel). Thus, since we tend not to see these things occurring, it suggests that we don't have a bunch of intelligent, trained terrorists operating on US soil.

Mind you, I'm not saying I agree with this idea, but I do find it rather interesting.

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I've never heard of Pigface but "Bitch" as a song title has got to be a treasured favorite for me. And really, "Bitch by Pigface" is just about as cool as you can get. It's got that certain je ne sais quoi, that rude slapfight excitement that you only get once in a blue moon. "I want to fuck you like an animal" was a similarly genius moment in lyricism. "Well-hung, snow-white tan," is another one. *yay rude musical poetry*
Bitch, bitch, bitch
I remember listening to Quiet Riot when I was a teenager and I when I heard the lyrics "girls, rock your boys", I felt a shiver go down my spine with how risqué that was. Of course, back then, if I said the word "damn", heads would turn because Ovid was always that "nice guy" who never said or did anything that people would find offensive (mostly because I didn't get caught).
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And there were factions in my HS that insisted that it was actually "girls, fuck your boys", as if that made it any more dirty.

I should point out that I've now seen Quiet Riot twice, once in the mid 90s, and once about two years ago.

"Bitch" by Meredith Brooks: It's hard to think of a worse song.

"Bitch" by the Stones: Hard to think of one better. The cover by the Crust Brothers (Silkworm + Steven Malkmus) is tremendous.

"The Bitch Is Back" by Elton John: Somewhere in the middle, much closer to the Stones.
Spreading ideas like that erodes confidence in our armed forces and leadership, which consequently hurts the ability for these to be sold, which in turn hurts the economy. And as we all know, terrorists want to hurt the economy. Therefore, this guy is a terrorist.

goto 1953 and s/commun/terror/g;
I hold in my hand a list of 57 known, card-carrying terrorists!
Yeah, I've been wondering when this whole "War on Terror" thing was gonna take down Jerry's site.

Jerry all gettin' dragged down to Guantanamo Bay...getting added in to "the Portland Eight" or whatever.
Recently he had to call the Secret Service because someone was trying to steal his domain. Wish I could have heard that phone call.

"Hello, is this the Secret Service? is being hijacked."