David Schwimmer - Paleontologist

Wasn't really planning on three updates to my journal today, but this was so humorous that I couldn't resist.

One of my favorite advocacy groups is the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. This group's role should be obvious from their name, so astrology buffs are advised not to search their site for astrology-related information lest their feelings get hurt.

On the Council for Media Integrity page, running down the right-hand side, is a list of council members. One of those member is "David Schwimmer, Paleontologist". As many of you know, an actor named David Schwimmer plays a paleontologist on the TV show "Friends." As it turns out, there really is a paleontologist named David Schwimmer and he works for Columbus College in Georgia.
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I'll dig out my old issues. I'm sure I still have some around. My primary issue with them was the sheer number of Ad Hominem attacks in their articles. I'm dissing them from memory here so I am, in essence, just as bad as they are, but one example really sticks out in my mind. In one case they took on the task of people always call or get in car crashes or have heart attacks when you are thinking about them, isn't that spooky? There's a lot of legitimate research on the subject. Instead of citing the research, they just made fun of people who believe that you think about your grandma because she just had a heart attack.