And on the seventh day ...

Today is day seven. It's been a weird seven days, but so far it's not nearly as bad as I thought. 99catsaway gave me the idea. No meat for a week.

I'm eating Morningstar corn dogs right now. They're actually pretty good, as far as corn dogs go. The Morningstar and Boca pizzas aren't bad, but the GardenBurger "meatloaf" was, um, not something I'm likely to buy again.

I don't think I'll become an actual vegetarian as I don't think it's immoral to eat meat, but I do want to start checking out some of the local specialty stores that provide information about the conditions under which the animals are raised and slaughtered. "Factory" meat is just a means for torturing animals to satisfy our demand for flesh.
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Yeah, when you find yourself wandering around the frozen food aisle thinking "veggie corn-dogs, yeah...veggie corn-dogs," you'll be sorry you ever discovered those things. Trust me. I am speaking from experience. Also, you will probably be drunk at the time.
I'm not trying to got vegetarian, personally, but I have been trying to cut out the worst of my usually foods. I have a weakness for hot dogs because they're dead simple and fast to prepare, and some nights I don't even get home from work before 9PM. Last time I was looking for them, I decided to look for "veggie dogs". I found some at Safeway (therefore easily found at more upscale places) that were pretty good, taste-wise. I don't remember the brand, but I doubt there's much difference.

To my friends' annoyance, I refer to them as "not dogs". To maximize hippie experience, eat them on whole wheat hot dog buns.
i did the veg. thing for 7 years, which started out as "how dare they do that to animals!" and i thought i'd stay that way forever. But then my body told me i needed meat (there's some research that suggests this happens with most women at the seven year mark) so i had a steak...and it was delicious... that was a year and a half ago and i'm def. a meat eater because i like the taste.

But i still eat the morningstar products. Especially the corn dogs and chicken patties (yum). And i do the rangefree eggs.

The way they "process" animals is certainly inhumane. i wish everyone could go to a slaughterhouse. Should be a class field trip or something.
I have found a lot of Morningstar and Bocca products to be really good. I love the corndogs. Yumm. They are also a lot healthier for you.

There is a lot of meat that I won't eat because of the way the animal was treated to get it.
I was a vegetarian for a few years. Now I eat meat again, and my body seems to respond better to animal forms of protein than soy, etc., which I feel somewhat embarrassed about, but then again meat doesn't make my guts explode at crucial social moments.

I think the trick to being a successful and happy vegetarian is to avoid too much dependence on meat substitutes that are meant to be just like the meat you are not eating. To me there's just always this whole wistful thing about eating a not dog or a boca burger. Once i started learning how to incorporate the basic components (tofu, tempeh, tvp, etc) into my recipes I was a lot more satisfied.

Every once in a while I crave a hot dog. My boyfriend eats them a lot. Without a plate. Last night he had this little bouquet of wieners in his hand and got mad when I told him he looked like Edward Hotdoghands.
Edward Hotdoghands? Hmm ... that would certainly put a different spin on that movie. Sounds more like porn, actually.
In France he’s called “Edward aux mains d’argent” which just isn’t as catchy. For me the whole Johnny Depp/hot dog/hand thing conjures up images of a movie wherein, in the opening scene, an awkward goth boy has his fingers torn off by a pack of wild dogs. The end. But since they make a porn movie title that puns on every regular one, I’m sure “Edward Dildohands” is out there somewhere.