Awkward Conversation

Me:   Every time I see your dog he goes for my jugular and 
      you want me to house sit?

Her:  Really?  I didn't know you were afraid of him.

She's a wonderful friend, but it's curious how she gets upset at how poorly behaved other people's dogs are when she has a sizable blind spot for Cujo. That dog scares the fuck out of me. The first few times I saw him, she had to hold him, sometimes yell at him, and then pet him a few times to calm him down. Then I'd hop in the passenger seat of the car and experience the joy of bleeding eardrums as Cujo ruptured them with renewed barking. She would start yelling at him and I'd sit there in sheer terror as he would put his nose against my ear and breathe.

He calms down a little sooner now, but Cujo clearly worships his mother and would love nothing more than to eviscerate everyone who is not his mother. He tolerates me because she fails to yell "kill", but if she wasn't around for a week, I suspect Cujo would be well-fed and my voice mail would fill up.

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My dog just lifts his leg on people he dislikes, and to this day, I really cannot tell what exactly his criteria for disliking anyone is. It's very arbitrary from all outward appearances, and he has a really hard time verbalizing his reasons.
'couple of friends of mine have dog that does not like me

freaks me out

it happens rarely (animals not liking me), but when it does, you know it, bud.
Goooood doggie, niiiiiice doggie.
That's terrible.

In the year I've lived with Henry (aka "The BDE" or Best Dog Ever), he's only disliked one person we've invited over. He showed it by being completely disinterested in meeting said individual and then pacing back and forth, back and forth. I think I trust Henry's judgment better than my own, as said individual later told Caroline and me about his criminal record ... along with other items that were less than impressive. So I've decided that Henry must make the final decision about anyone new to the house.

Not everyone can be a dog person, but Henry has even turned Nicole and Carolee both into believers - both adamant cat lovers there.

We took him for a walk on NW 23rd on Sunday and many people admired him. But this one little kid looked him in the eye and said, "That's a mean doggie." I had to convince him that Henry was sooo not a mean doggie. I guess his Boxer looks can be a little intimidating.
Did you agree to do it?!?! Maybe you should try entering the house sometime while they hide in the bushes to see if he'll let you in. Sure, you might be bloodied, but at least they'd be there to pull him off you and apply pressure to the wounds.

By the way, shouldn't the title of your journal read "I'd rather be snarflin' coobeastie," rather than "snafflin'?"
No, I didn't agree. I felt bad saying "no", but my cowardly self is not willing to die for the glorious cause of "House Sitting".

And I double-checked on my title. It is "snafflin" (though it might only be one 'f').
I hope that you never need to apply this knowledge, but I've been told by a credible source that the best defense against an attacking dog is to present your left fore-arm (assuming you're not a southpaw) for fido to chomp on, then use your free hand to gouge out the pooch's eyes and/or choke off it's windpipe.

Btw, I take it that your friend's Cujo isn't a labrador retriever. ;^) A former roommate had a black lab, and I swear if we'd ever been burglerized, that pooch would've welcomed the criminal at the door with a big smile and wagging tail then given a guided tour of the house.