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Awkward Conversation

Me:   Every time I see your dog he goes for my jugular and 
      you want me to house sit?

Her:  Really?  I didn't know you were afraid of him.

She's a wonderful friend, but it's curious how she gets upset at how poorly behaved other people's dogs are when she has a sizable blind spot for Cujo. That dog scares the fuck out of me. The first few times I saw him, she had to hold him, sometimes yell at him, and then pet him a few times to calm him down. Then I'd hop in the passenger seat of the car and experience the joy of bleeding eardrums as Cujo ruptured them with renewed barking. She would start yelling at him and I'd sit there in sheer terror as he would put his nose against my ear and breathe.

He calms down a little sooner now, but Cujo clearly worships his mother and would love nothing more than to eviscerate everyone who is not his mother. He tolerates me because she fails to yell "kill", but if she wasn't around for a week, I suspect Cujo would be well-fed and my voice mail would fill up.

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