Wow. I can not believe that guy could actually eat McDonald's for an entire month. Yuck. Thanks for sharing that story. I found rather interesting, especially as someone who has been losing weight.
Interesting. What the article doesn't mention is how much he exercised per day/week. If he just sat around eating cheeseburgers all day, then yes, I can imagine he'd gain that much weight.

Anyone can eat 2000 calories of the healthiest foods known to man and still gain weight if one doesn't exercise the calories off.

As far as the liver, it doesn't say if he only drank the sodas that came with the meal or if he also drank enough water to stay hydrated.

Quite a few unanswered questions, there. Just with anything I read or see, I tend to question the intent in addition to the results.

I don't doubt that eating only "junk" food would be bad for an individual, but I do have to doubt the extent of damage caused to a system.
Those are some good points. I suppose that if all other things were equal (i.e., this guy did nothing substantial to change his routine), then this would be a pretty sorry indictment of the type of food that McDonalds serves.

As for doubting the extent of damage, I'm more and more inclined to believe it, though I have no hard evidence for that, so I guess I'm just talking out my ... uh ... something or other.
Oh i couldn't do that... not that i've ever HAD one of their hamburgers. :) Of course his body would start falling apart.

i wonder how the documentary will do. i loved Bowling but i'm not sure you can compare it to Mcd's.