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Reality Check

My company missed their last payroll. It wasn't an oversight. They just didn't have the money in the bank to pay us. The owner took me aside and cut me a check for $400.00 to help cover the bills as he doesn't want to lose me, but it's nerve wracking. We're told that we should get our checks no later than Friday.

I went to the grocery store and started paying attention to prices. No New York Strip or salmon dinners for a while. I've stocked up on Ramen, sandwich foods and I should have a roommate moving in on the first of February. I'm also not buying organic, which I prefer, as I'm counting my pennies for the first time a long time. I have to confess that I'm surprised at the amount of food one can buy on a limited budget. I think, if my company can get their financial act together, that I will be keeping my roommate for a while and keep my expenses down. It will be good to build up my savings again and it's time to start thinking about buying a home. If I have to pay to live somewhere, at least I'll be building some equity.

Unfortunately, finding another job is difficult for anyone in the IT industry, so my options are limited in that respect. As my specialty is the Perl programming language, I have fewer options than if I were to use Java or even (ugh) Visual Basic. My other programming languages are either very esoteric specialty tools or archaic beasts like COBOL. The job market is grim for me.

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