Did you forget to tip your waiter/waitress? Hmm...?

Have you been rude to waitstaff? Do you not bother to tip them? Sometimes they can get quite nasty, though you won't always notice. While I wouldn't do many of the stunts involved here, I do have a certain sympathy as I used to live off of my tips while I went to college. I'm sure that some of the stories have been "embellished", but I worked in the industry long enough to know that many of those have a ring of truth to them.
It is things like that which make me fear eating in restaurants. Luckily I nearly always get excellent service since I am polite, make no stupid requests, and always tip very well...with few exceptions...you have to be pretty bad to get a shity tip from me.
Ugh. For the record, I had only read a few of the entries before I posted that link. I finished it and I have to say that some of them were pretty disgusting. There are some things I have no sympathy for :(

(and this is the third time I tried posting this. I wonder if the other two are going to show up sometime down the road)
well i have worked as a tipped employee for most of my working life and while i have bad mouth my fair share of custees i have never donw anything likie that....i wished bad thigs upon them once they have left the building...people fit into two basic catagories, bad tippers and god tippers and the bad ones will tip bad no matter what, and the good ones will tip good unless you REALLY suck..plain and simple, my theory the'll get theirs...no use wasting your energy over it, it is in the end just a matter of a few dollars...
I didn't read most of the entries because I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.

I'm a nice person anyway, but I am always VERY nice to my waitstaff, and tip at least 20%...